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The name “essay” goes back to 1588 when the writer Michel de Montaigne published his book “Essais”. Since then the word essay has been widely used to describe a short work that reveals the writer’s point of view on some particular subject. This word has come from French and has the same origin as the French verb “essayer” (to attempt).


It was a unique piece of literature in the 16th century, and it has not lost its unique nature. Really, we have been reading novels and are attracted by short stories; we are thrilled by the plot of drama, however these types of literature masterpieces create their own characters and have their own, frequently fictional plots. Unlike the written works mentioned above the writer of an essay communicates directly with the reader and thus the author gives his/her own opinion of the event, story, subject and even life in general. It might describe, it may generalize, and it can teach or entertain but the opinion of the writer should be clearly and plainly stated. You may choose whatever topic you want for an essay, but we advise to choose some topic you are really interested in, especially if you have got such an opportunity.


Certainly, Montaigne was not the first essayist, some ancient Greek writers such as Plutarch and Roman philosophers, such as Sineca also composed and wrote essays; yet Montaigne was the one who invented and popularized the term.


Since Montaigne, a lot of famous English writers have been using this type of written work to express their own opinion of some subjects or events. Abraham Cowley, Joseph Addison and Francis Bacon to name but a few.


In the 19th century several other prominent writers such as Virginia Woolf and J.B. Prietly followed the suit.


In the USA, the essay has been frequently used as the means of literary criticism. Some American essayists such as R.W. Emerson, H. Thoreau and Edgar Allan Poe were the most remarkable reviewers.


Their essays have already become classical masterpieces and have been able to excite, enlighten and entertain several generations of grateful readers. The impact of their essays extends far beyond the year and even century when they were produced.


Would you like to produce an immortal masterpiece of literature that will amaze and dazzle readers for the decades and even centuries to come?! Then your high school, college and university essay is the first small step on this thorny and long path. And we are here to help you. Say "write my essay" and be sure that your dreams will come true.


With us you have a unique opportunity to acquaint yourself with several, most common types of the essays, to learn how they should be written, to find out about their similarities and differences.


How does the compare/contrast essay help you develop your logical skills? Can this technique be used in other writing assignments or it should be used separately only in this type of essay?


What is an expository essay? No matter what career path you have chosen, this type of essay will help you develop your communication and interpersonal skills –vital tools for any job in modern world.


How does persuasive essay differ from informal one? Why and how should you show that your argument is the right one?


Why is research essay widely regarded as one of the best tools in developing your research skills?


How to produce a captivating admission essay?


How to write a scholarship essay that help you win a grant?


What makes a good cause and effect essay? How should this essay be organized?


How can classification essay develop your analytical skills?


Is there any difference between definition and description essay?


You have a unique opportunity to find the answers to these and many other questions regarding essay writing in this guide.

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